About the Commission of Inquiry

This Commission of Inquiry was set up following recommendations made in the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce: Hear her voice Report One—Addressing coercive control and domestic and family violence in Queensland.

The Commission commenced on 30 May 2022. The Commission recently advised that its reporting timeframe would be extended from 4 October 2022 to 14 November 2022. A final report will be handed to the Premier and Minister for Olympics, the Attorney-General and Minister for Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, and Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services.

In summary, the Commission of Inquiry will examine:

  • whether there is, and if so, the extent and nature of, any cultural issues within the Queensland Police Service that negatively affects police investigations of domestic and family violence
  • if there are any cultural issues, whether these cultural issues have contributed to the overrepresentation of First Nations people in the criminal justice system
  • the capability, capacity and structure of the Queensland Police Service to respond to domestic and family violence, and
  • the adequacy of the current conduct and complaints handling processes against police officers.

In carrying out the Inquiry, the Commission will take into account the findings and recommendations of the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce Reports, the Not Now, Not ever: Putting an End to Domestic Violence in Queensland Report and any other relevant findings, reports, research and expert advice.

The Commission will also take into account previous relevant coronial findings, complaints made to the police and the Crime and Corruption Commission in relation to the police handling of domestic and family violence matters, and relevant submissions already made to the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce. It will not be necessary to resend those submissions to the Commission.

The Terms of Reference require the Commission to ensure that the primary focus will be to examine systemic matters affecting the capacity of the Queensland Police Service to respond to domestic and family violence and to make recommendations about how to address any issues identified in that examination particularly having regard to the extent of any cultural issues identified.

The Commission welcomes submissions from interested parties who have information that may assist the Commission with regard to any cultural issues that may exist as a barrier to optimal investigation of domestic and family violence matters. In examining these cultural issues, the Commission will consider individual cases, however, because of the Commission’s focus on the systemic issues affecting police responses and the limited timeframe allowed for the Inquiry, the Commission will not be investigating and making findings in relation to any individual cases which may be the subject of submissions received by it.  

Last reviewed
1 September, 2022
Last updated
1 September, 2022