The Commission acknowledges every individual and organsiation who made a submission. We thank you for your courage and generosity in sharing your experiences.


The Commission of Inquiry had an initial submission timeframe of Friday 2 June to Friday 17 June 2022. This initial call for submissions was then extended to Friday 24 June 2022.

At a hearing of the Commission of Inquiry on Thursday, 18 August 2022, Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll agreed that there were significant cultural issues, relating to sexism, misogyny and racism, within the QPS.

Following that evidence, on Monday 22 August 2022 the Commission called for further submissions from people who had knowledge of the cultural issues within the QPS.

Submissions closed at 5pm, Monday 5 September 2022.

Publication of submissions received

The Commission received more than 820 submissions, including more than 400 from victim-survivors or other people impacted by domestic and family violence, as well as 365 submissions from current or former QPS members. The vast majority of these submissions specifically requested confidentiality and will not be published.

50 submissions were provided by community, government and frontline support organisations, academics, legal organisations and individual lawyers. The majority of these organisations and individuals consented to the publication of their submissions on this website, with information redacted where it was required to protect the privacy of the submitter or a person.


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10 November, 2022
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10 November, 2022