Terms of Reference

The Queensland Government’s response to the Taskforce’s report — as recommended by the Taskforce — includes the establishment of an independent Commission of Inquiry (the Inquiry). The Inquiry will examine policing responses to DFV to ensure full public confidence in the ability of our police to protect victims and hold perpetrators to account.

Read the Commission’s terms of reference as published in the Government Gazette.

In summary, the Commission will examine:

  • whether there are any cultural issues within the Queensland Police Service that negatively affect police investigations of DFV
  • if there are any cultural issues, whether they have contributed to the overrepresentation of First Nations people in the criminal justice system
  • the capability, capacity and structure of the Queensland Police Service to respond to DFV, and
  • the adequacy of the current conduct and complaints handling processes against police officers.

On 1 September 2022, the Commission’s reporting timeframe was extended from 4 October to 14 November 2022.

Last reviewed
1 September, 2022
Last updated
25 November, 2022