Hearing exhibits

The following documentation was tendered during hearings held as part of the Commission of Inquiry into Queensland Police Service response to domestic and family violence.

Exhibit number Document
Exhibit 20

David Nixon

Elizabeth Foulger

Annexure 4–6 are subject to non-publication order—see Exhibit D

Exhibit 21

Professor Tim Prenzler and Dr Michael Maguire

Exhibit 22

Brendan McMahon

Matt Costelloe

Anita Wharton

Emma Reilly

Exhibit 23
Exhibit 24
Exhibit 25
Exhibit 26
Exhibit 27

David Singh

Elizabeth Strakosch

Chelsea Watego

Institute for Collaborative Race Research

Sarah Vuzem

Brett Jackson

Teressa Tapsell

Ian Leavers

David Longhurst

Rosemary O'Malley

Exhibit 28
Exhibit 29
Exhibit 31
Exhibit 32
Exhibit 33
Exhibit 34

Cheryl Scanlon

Officer A

Officer B

Officer D

Officer E

Officer F

Officer G

Exhibit D

Exhibit number Document
Exhibit 14
Exhibit 15

Karyn Walsh

Emma Wilson

Jacelyn Parsons

Louise Baker (noting witness that appeared was Di Mahoney)

Cybele Koning

Ben Bjarnesen

Ellie Hansson

Exhibit 16

Nadia Bromley

Debbie Hewitt

Betty Taylor

Joanna Mason

Dan Haberland

Exhibit 17

Mark Ainsworth

To note – Annexures D – Y are subject to a non-publication order (see Exhibit C)

Toni Bell

Dr Brian Sullivan

Exhibit C
Exhibit 18

Heather Douglas

Silke Meyer

Marlene Longbottom

Exhibit 19

Lewis Shillito

Heather Nancarrow

Jacqueline Drew

Dr Kyllie Cripps

Andrea Phelps

Exhibit number Document
Exhibit A
Exhibit 1 Brian Codd
Ben Martain
Neil Gardener
Elise Feltham
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3
Exhibit B
Exhibit 4
Exhibit 5

Mark Kelly

Kate Gersekowski

Andrea Hughes

Tammie Robinson

Melissa Dwyer

Exhibit 6

Witness A

Andrew Sinclair-Ford

James Treanor

Exhibit 7

Paul Trinder

Audra Pollard

Danielle Hulin

Michael Read

Exhibit 8
Exhibit 9
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26 August, 2022
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27 September, 2022